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New York Stock Exchange

Our goal is to protect and increase our client's wealth. With this in mind, we customise portfolios, taking into account current financial opportunities and our clients' capacity for risk. We invest not only in traditional equity and bond markets (investment grade, high yield, convertible bonds, contingent convertible bonds (CoCos) and other types of securities) but also use more complex tools, such as private equity programmes, structured products, and hedge funds.

Because we are not a bank, we are not limited to in-house products for our investments. We act independently with full transparency.

We are committed to closely following all developments in the world of finance, without geographical limitations, in order to benefit our clients. We are convinced that recent technological developments in the financial sector, such as FinTech, offer increased opportunities for the future. At the same time, however, we are convinced that these tools will be successful only under the supervision and monitoring of experienced professionals. This is the role Rhône Asset Management offers its clients.

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