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Explore the depths of wealth management with Rhone Asset Management SA. Our clear and transparent approach leads you to calm and prosperous financial waters. Discover a unique vision of managing your wealth and let us guide you towards a stable financial horizon.

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At Rhone Asset Management SA, we are an independent wealth management firm, specializing in protecting and growing our clients' wealth. By providing discretionary mandate services, we construct diversified custom portfolios, investing in traditional markets and exploring more complex opportunities such as Private Equity and Hedge Funds. Our transparent approach and commitment to staying at the forefront of financial developments, including in Fintech, ensure superior quality support for our clients.

Our expertise also extends to advisory mandates, where we accompany you in setting up and managing your financial projects. With decades of experience in wealth management, we develop investment strategies tailored to your needs, providing access to a network of top-tier providers in banking, insurance, legal, tax, real estate, and more. Beyond managing banking assets, we guide you in various areas such as real estate projects, estate planning, and debt structuring, offering comprehensive and personalized support to ensure the success of your financial goals.

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We are committed to supporting you in achieving your financial goals. To explore the investment opportunities we offer and discuss our long-term approach to wealth management, feel free to get in touch with our team. Your financial future starts here.
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